The year is 1983.

You are Roberta Williams -- Imagineer, Dream Weaver, and Renegade
Adventure Game Designer. Sierra, the fledgling video game company that
you founded with your husband Ken Williams, is in trouble. You need a
hit game to stay in business. And not just any hit. You need the biggest
hit that the video game world ever saw or else IBM is going to send a
bunch of goons to knock you out and tie you up in a basement so deep
that not even a helpful mouse that you earlier saved by throwing a shoe
at a cat could save you.

The pressure is on.

But your mind is blank.

Maybe a light snack would replenish your mental reserves...


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I never thought I would develop a bestselling computer game as a way to procrastinate on making a sandwich.

You got the good ending XD

What an interesting life. I'm sure Ron Gilbert would immolate under those circumstances. But wait, I couldn't even eat one sandwich? I demand a refund!

It's a hard life! XD

Simply awesome!!!

thank you! :)